Thursday, May 31

Adrianna knows this blog is all about HER!

So this blog is mainly to keep family and friends in the loop on Adrianna, if they care to. I will try to make it as exciting as possible, although today Adrianna's day consisted of a long car ride, getting to sit in the cart in Meijer, learning to say "Ahhhhhh" with a whisper voice, discovering magnetic letters on the fridge (each one methodically went in her mouth), and getting into everything of course. We haven't put up blinds in her room yet, and the window right above her crib is easy to spy in from the back deck. So I had to peek in a few times today and enjoyed watching her play with her animals and stuff her favorite blanket in her mouth over and over. One time I even spotted her looking intently at one of my long hairs (she always seems to have one or two in her hand). Her most thrilling moment of the day was sampling Cheetos for the first time - what a bad mom I am! But she sure enjoyed the one she had, and it was worth it just to watch her face.