Tuesday, July 31

First Steps!

Adrianna took her first steps this afternoon! She's been so close for weeks now, and we kept saying, "It'll be any day." But it's still the oddest feeling to see your little baby walk for the first time. I got so excited I started calling people to share the news - I don't think she knew why on earth I kept clapping and cheering for her. :-) She took 3 steps, and I'm hoping she'll do a few more so Nate can see tonight. :-)

Monday, July 30

A Night in Gotham

Our night began at 11:15 p.m. with a thrilling feature film made in 1965, Flight of the Phoenix, starring Jimmie Stewart. The film was so intense that 5 out of the 6 viewers fell asleep within the first 15 minutes of the movie. After we were all in our rooms ready to sleep at 1:45 a.m. I woke up to hear Nate say, "A bat???? We have a bat in our house????" Nate's mom was getting ready for bed when she saw something fly behind her. The next 15 minutes were filled with shrieks, laughs, slamming doors, and open windows. Needless to say, the bat found its way out of the house...it survived, and so did we. The picture is of Nate's family saying goodnight to our creepy visitor.

Sunday, July 29

Adrianna, Auntie Christa and Grandma Birkholz

Nate's Garage Shower

Nate's family is here for a family wedding, and they threw him a "garage" shower. Nate was VERY excited about all the great gifts he got; I think he got more excited about these than he did our wedding gifts. :-) Everytime I look at this picture I want to sing "Green Acres."

Our green beans!!

Monday, July 23

An afternoon at Lake Michigan

Nate and I took Adrianna to the beach this afternoon. When we got there, a sign said the water was 53 degrees. But that didn't stop Adrianna (it stopped me though!). She loved it and enjoyed the sand too. It was a perfect day. :-)

Tuesday, July 17

She's already found the credit card!!!!!!!

One man's junk is another man's treasure . . .

Last night Nate and I were driving home from a nice date, and I happened to spot a coffee table by someone's trash alongside the road. My sweet husband turned the car around, let me out to look at it and put it in the trunk. It was so gross looking. Someone had put glue all over the top, and I wasn't sure we could salvage it. But I had high hopes. Nate showed me how to use a power sander (yes, me using a sander - amazing). So during AJ's naps today I scraped it, sanded it and painted it. Tadaaa!!!! We have a new coffee table for our basement/soon-to-be family room (when we get the time and money).

Our first crop. :-)

Just playin' around

Friday, July 13

It's only a bean plant.

Tonight we had a teen cookout at our house, our first in our new place. We expected a few teens to show up and hang out. Nate really used this as an encouragement for the teens to bring a visitor. That usually means one or two will show up. We had 31 teens show up and 11 of them were unsaved visitors - incredible! Nate and I were shocked and thrilled. He was able to explain salvation in very simple terms and they were all ears. I was so thrilled for how God brought them all here, and at the same time I was frustrated as the teens were tracking in grass, messing up the yard, stinking up the bathroom, and throwing the football in the garden. Afterwards I told Nate my frustrations when I saw the football demolish one of my bean plants. He lovingly reminded me that in light of the gospel being heard for the first time by many of these teens tonight, "It's only a bean plant, Babe." How true.

Thursday, July 12

1st Birthday

Today is Adrianna's 1st birthday! Our day began normally; we took a walk, played, read books, etc . . . Then our day went not so normally: by noon Adrianna was screaming like she was in pain, so we got a doctor's appointment for 3:30. The doctor assured us she didn't have an ear infection (which I wondered about), but he is testing her for a urinary tract infection (I don't think it's that). I think she just doesn't feel good from her rotten cold. And I wondered if my worries were for no reason - I guess the doctor proved that. But it made me feel a little better to know there wasn't anything obviously wrong. As the slideshow proves, Adrianna loved the cake - Nate and I got a kick out of watching her shove it down her throat. And opening presents was fun, although she'd have a little weeping session here and there for no reason. She got so many fun toys to play with (I get even more excited about them than she does), and money from the relatives. And of course the most stylish outfits from Auntie Sue. Adrianna was able to play with a few of her toys before bed. Whew!!! The first birthday's over, and it came and went so fast. I can't believe how fast time flies, and I've loved each moment with her. Nate and I feel so blessed to have such a "good and perfect gift from God." Happy Birthday, Adrianna Joy! We love you!

Adrianna's first birthday cake!

Tuesday, July 10

On the mend

Adrianna's fever finally broke this morning, and she seems to be feeling much better. Of course we still have the dreadful runny nose, but it's so nice to see her showing glimpses of her old self. I ran an errand this morning and came home to find Adrianna chasing Nate around the living room - a very good sign. :-)

Saturday, July 7

Being sick is NO fun!

I just told Nate yesterday that it had been a long time since Adrianna had been sick - wrong thing to say! Today she's had a 102 fever and cried most of the day. The only bright spot of her day was swimming in her pool out back. I think she's teething on top of it all, so we're praying she'll be back to her happy self soon.

Wednesday, July 4

Nice Puppy!!!

Yes, this dog is real - I think she looks like a big stuffed animal. And Adrianna seemed to think Gabby was the neatest toy since measuring spoons. She LOVES dogs and has absolutely no fear of them. Is that good???? We may have to work on that in the months to come.

Our trip to Illinois

On Sunday night after church we headed to IL to visit Nate's grandparents and mine. Fortunately they live about a half hour away from each other. Adrianna did really well in the car - of course she didn't sleep much. It was so fun to have her meet a set of my grandparents. And we enjoyed spending time with Nate's grandparents too. Even though Adrianna won't remember anything, it will be special for her to have pictures of our time there.

Sunday, July 1

Garden update

We have our first green pepper!! Who'd have thought I'd get this excited about a vegetable. :-) The garden is growing, thanks to my faithful husband who waters it every morning at 6:30. I just do the weeding once in awhile. More updates to come . . .