Tuesday, June 23

Our Porch



Our front porch was a sight to behold when we moved into our house in '07. That was one of the top priorities on our list of "things to re-do." We (Nate) started working on it in April of last year, and finally as of right now, it is 99% completed - we still have a coat of white paint to put on. As with all home projects, it was far more than we planned on, mostly because Nate had such little time to work on it. But with the help of a few guys in our church, he was able to finish it. And I'm very proud of his work. :)

Here's the evolution of our porch if you care:

Monday, June 22


This morning I ventured out to do some strawberry picking with Adrianna. I don't know what weighed more: the strawberries or the mud on Adrianna. She had a blast, needless to say, and now I have to go clean the bathtub. :)