Thursday, November 29

Random pictures of Adrianna (with my NEW camera :-)

Thanksgiving in Illinois

We drove to Forreston, IL to spend Thanksgiving with Nate's family. It was a short time and went way too fast. But we were able to squeeze alot of talking, eating and playing games in that time. I stole these pictures from Stephanie and Jodi since my camera didn't work indoors - thanks, girls!!!

Adrianna got a nasty fat lip on Thanksgiving Day!

Adrianna and her favorite (and only) cousin Sam. This picture makes me laugh. :-)

Sam looks way too cool for this picture :-)

Nate's Dad taking a walk with Adrianna

Christa, Stephanie, Jodi and myself (my awesome sister-in-laws!)

Adrianna getting some fresh, COLD air on Thanksgiving Day

Nate's Mom, Sam and Adrianna (doesn't Adrianna look amused?)

Sam loved pinching Adrianna's cheeks :-)

The Birkholz Family on Thanksgiving Day

Wednesday, November 21

Visit with Sue and Jordan

Sue and Jordan were able to drive out and stay with us for a few days. It was so fun to spend time with them! Adrianna especially enjoyed lots of attention. Auntie Sue was wonderful at playing with AJ, keeping her from getting in trouble a few times, and also teaching her the word "poopie." Thanks, Sue. :-) Can't wait to see you guys again!!

Tuesday, November 13

More Outdoor Pictures

Is everyone sick of outdoor pictures yet??? Still no flash on my camera. This afternoon Adrianna and I enjoyed playing out in the backyard while we waited for Nate to come home from work. It was a pretty day and not too cold. We're enjoying the outdoors while we can!!!!

Tuesday, November 6

Enjoying the leaves

Yesterday the three of us spent time out in the yard raking the MANY leaves on our lawn (actually Nate did all the raking while Adrianna and I played in them). Today we looked out our back window and all the leaves were back. :-) How does that happen???