Tuesday, October 30


Yes, Adrianna has already sat on her first motorcycle. No, she did not ride it. Our Pastor brought his bike over yesterday and let Adrianna sit on it. These pictures are a little deceiving because much of the time she was crying at the scary-looking helmets. :)

Thursday, October 25

A Pretty Fall Day

It was finally time to pull out the winter coat today! Yeah! I was especially excited because I found Adrianna's winter coat at a baby thrift store for $9. It's really thick and plush, so even if she can't move in it, she'll keep warm during our Michigan winters. :-) She actually didn't seem to mind wearing it and enjoyed playing outside, picking up the colorful leaves.

Tuesday, October 16


Yesterday Nate had the afternoon off. So we went hiking in a park that had beautiful trails all the way down to Lake Michigan. The changing leaves were so pretty, and of course the beach is always beautiful. Adrianna's favorite part was the special rock she got to carry the whole time and playing in the sand. Afterwards we went to a coffee shop and had pumpkin lattes and a cinnamon roll (AJ enjoyed cheerios). It's so nice that Adrianna can enjoy these times a little more now that she's older - we don't have to be so constrained by naptimes. :-)

Saturday, October 13

Our 4th Anniversary

Our 4th anniversary was on Thursday, but we celebrated last night. We got a great sitter and went downtown to The Grill Room for some awesome steak. We walked around the shops and then went out for some dessert. It was so nice to be ALONE (no offense, Adrianna). We both said last night that we look forward to the next 50+ years being as special as these four have been! (If any of you are wondering why all my pictures are outside now, my flash broke! So plan on yellow indoor pictures and many outdoor ones! :-)

Wednesday, October 3

Trip to Indiana

We're back from a fun week visiting my family in Indianapolis. Nate took a college trip and then went to a conference in Chicago, so instead of hanging out here, Adrianna and I went on a trip!! We had so much fun, and what a vacation it was for me! My family took care of everything, and I got to shop, read, and relax to my heart's content. :-) Adrianna immediately bonded with Grandpa, Grandma and Uncle Philip. She was spoiled rotten, so now begins my week of retraining. I'm SO grateful to have such wonderful family so close now!!!