Tuesday, August 12


We're back from a great week of vacation with my side of the family. It's been a LONG-standing tradition (50+ yrs) to go to a cabin in northern MN on a beautiful lake. This year was the first year that Adrianna could really enjoy it. She kept us hopping all week and did great. I had trouble posting pictures here, so there are many more on facebook.

Now we're getting back to normal life. I am 31 wks along and feeling really good. We're naming our little girl Natalie Grace, and she's growing right on target. Adrianna slept in her big-girl bed for the first time last night and didn't make a peep all night. We are SO thankful!!! She, of course, doesn't fully understand that her little life will be drastically changed in 9 wks, but she does enjoy visiting the doctor with me and "checking on the baby." Today she heard the heartbeat and started yelling, "That's Sister!!" We're praying that the adjustment will go smoothly!