Thursday, June 28

Standing by herself!

Adrianna's new game is standing by herself. I think we might be a little behind in this (????) but she's sure having fun with it now. She never showed much of an interest before, but just in the last few days that's all she does - stands and falls, stands and falls. But we are seeing improvement. :-) Maybe walking isn't so far away.

Monday, June 25

Auntie Sue, you've made me a star with the nifty sunglasses you sent me! Thanks!!!

Fun in the Pool!!!

It's a warm, sunny day in Michigan, and one of our friends invited Adrianna and I over to swim in her nice pool. Adrianna loved her floatie; in fact, she said "AHHHH" and clapped for most of the hour that we were in the pool. I knew it was time to leave when I saw her lay her head down on the floatie - time for a nap!

Thursday, June 21

Our Week at Camp

Adrianna experienced her first week of teen camp a few years early. She and I drove about 4 hours to Pleasant Valley Bible Camp to be with Nate and our teens, plus 3 other neat churches. I went up with the intention of just being around once in awhile to get to know the teens a little better. Adrianna did great in the car - in fact, I kind of enjoyed it! I bought a bag with new garage sale toys in it and kept passing them back to her. Worked like magic. :-) She and I stayed in a decent room in the staff house. It was pretty small so Adrianna slept in her pac 'n play at the foot of my bed. It was pretty funny putting her to bed and then getting on mine to read - she loved being able to stand up and see Mom in her room. What a bad habit we've gotten into! We were able to eat all the meals with the campers and see Nate here and there. There wasn't a whole lot for Adrianna and I to do during free time, so most of the time we took walks. I pushed her all around, and she had her little Sesame Street radio playing loudly, "Pop Goes the Weasle" - everyone knew where Pastor Nate's wife and daughter were!!! :-) Here are some pictures of Adrianna helping me unpack in our room - what a big helper!!!

Sunday, June 17

Happy Father's Day!!!!

It's Nate's first Father's Day, so early this morning (6:15 to be exact), Adrianna and I brought in his gift and surprised him in bed. We got him a retractable light for his pit in the garage, and he was pretty excited about that. We had to celebrate this morning because Nate left for camp with the teens this afternon - Adrianna and I are going up tomorrow morning. So we wanted to say Happy Father's Day, Nate - we both think you're the best in the world and we love you!

Thursday, June 14

Our fun time with Grandpa and Grandma!

We had such a fun visit with my Mom and Dad this last week! Adrianna had so much entertainment! She loved Grandpa's funny faces and loud voice, and enjoyed reading with Grandma. I think she may have a very quiet, boring day with old Mom. :-) We had a wonderful time, Mom and Dad, and we miss you!!!!

Tuesday, June 12

Our First Visit to Lake Michigan

We took my Mom and Dad to Lake Michigan today, and it was our first time to visit even though it's only 10 minutes away. The water was frigid! But Adrianna loved it and didn't want to get out! We'll have to go back one day when it's warmer and she has her swimming suit on. :-)

"How Does Your Garden Grow . . ."

My Mom and Dad are visiting for a few days, and Dad offered to get a garden going for us. Nate and I have wanted a garden since we first got married, so this is pretty cool for us. We planted tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, green peppers, onions and green beans. I'm hoping I develop a green thumb because in the past I've not had much luck with living things. But Dad's giving me good tips.

Saturday, June 9

My Garage Sale Bargain

Our town is full of garage sales each weekend - I counted 75 in our small town a week or two ago. So my sweet husband lets me get out and look around each Saturday morning. I always find little things, usually books or clothes for Adrianna. But I've never found that GREAT buy. So this morning I went out, found a few baby clothes, and was about to give up. But something in me said to check one more. So I went and found a patio set for an awesome price. This was something we wanted but didn't want to spend alot of money on. So I was thrilled! I washed the umbrella cover and chairs, and it looks like new!

Friday, June 8

Adrianna offers Dad her assistance in fixing the refrigerator - what a big help!


Adrianna enjoys making her scary face, probably because we always laugh at her. I sometimes wonder where on earth she learns these things. We're blaming this one on Aunt Sue!

Thursday, June 7

Little People

Adrianna was showing signs of severe boredom, and that meant crawling on Mommy's leg constantly. So in my desperation, I took her to GoodWill to get some more toys (yes, I washed them first). We found fun building blocks, and then at Meijer we got a few "Little People." They saved the day, and as you can see, Adrianna didn't let her favorite "Little Person" out of her mouth most of the day. We did remove it for church; didn't want to make the other kids jealous. :-)

Pictures of our house (this is for you, Sarah Branine! :-)

Tuesday, June 5


Mondays stink!

Adrianna and I have decided that we don't like Mondays. After a long day in the nursery on Sunday, Adrianna is a bit of a crabby bear when she wakes up on Monday. And I'm sure I am too. :-) Measuring spoons brought a little light to her bleak day. It rained outside, so we couldn't go out and play. And then to top it off, she had to eat my lasagna for dinner - that wasn't a hit. We can't wait for Tuesday!!!

Saturday, June 2

Adrianna's new friend

My Husband, the Mechanic

This is for my hubby, who successfully changed an O2 (?????) sensor on our car today and saved us 180 big bucks. Way to go, Honey! Adrianna and I will get you something great for Father's Day. :-)


This morning Nate and I took Adrianna out back and got out the fun bubbles! She enjoyed them for a very short time and then was enamored with the lid to the bubbles. Maybe next year she'll enjoy them more.

Friday, June 1

We love our walks!

Adrianna and I took a walk this morning around our quiet neighborhood. She sits as straight as a board during each walk, and sometimes I feel sorry for her bobbing around at every bump. She has better balance than I do. It was funny to see her wave at houses with both hands. :-)

Adrianna goes fishing!