Friday, December 21

Christmas Pictures Attempts

Here are just a few of the many, many Christmas picture attempts I tried with Adrianna. In the end I just chose a family shot. Getting an 18-month old (MY 18-month old) to sit is like taming a wild lion. Hopefully we'll have better luck next year. Atleast I have a ton of pictures to look back and laugh at now. :-)

Monday, December 17

Adrianna's Emergency

This afternoon:

It's Adrianna's naptime and after 20 minutes of silence I hear her screaming bloody murder. So I race down the hallway, my heart pounding, not knowing what limb she has stuck in the crib or if there will be blood. I open the door only to see Adrianna standing in her crib, holding out the sweater vest she had been wearing.

Me: "Adrianna, did you take your vest off?"
AJ: "Yeah." (sob, sob)
Me: "Do you want Mommy to put it back on for you?"
AJ: "Yeah." (hiccup, hiccup)
I put on the vest.
Me: "Is that all better?"
AJ: "Gake Goo."

Naptime continues. :-)

Tuesday, December 11

What we've been up to . . .

Adrianna and I have been housebound for a few days due to colds and snow. We've had our moments (if you know what I mean), but overall we've had fun. Here are some pictures of what Adrianna has been up to.


Adrianna enjoyed cleaning out under the refrigerator - I'm glad she likes to do it because I don't!

What a smug face. :-)

This bench went all over the house many times each day. Sometimes it would end up in the oddest spots!

Almost there!

Finally where she wants it! Notice the huge mess all around the bench! Is the kitchen ever clean for more than 10 minutes?

Working with Daddy's gloves

Wednesday, December 5

This morning Adrianna woke up with a cold - her nose is running constantly! She and I were reading on the couch, and I asked her to go wipe her nose on a kleenex. So she toddled to the bathroom, and I heard her open up the cabinet, pull out a kleenex and blow! I must have gotten distracted because a few minutes later I peeked in, and she had gone through much of the kleenex box, blowing her nose in each one. I guess I should have been more specific. :-)