Saturday, January 10


I keep hearing how much Adrianna and Natalie look alike. It's harder for me to see since I'm their mom. But these pictures make me smile. :) (The top picture is Adrianna)

Overdue Pictures!

I have been a very bad blogger! Life has just been flying by, and I've finally settled down for a few minutes to update. We had a wonderful Christmas season with family. We were able to spend it in Indy with my side of the family. And on Christmas Eve my sister Sue gave us the best present yet, little Elyse whom I'm just DYING to meet in February! Adrianna is growing up way too fast - at times I see glimpes of my baby, but most times I see a little girl. It's kind of sad but wonderful at the same time. Natalie is our little angel baby - so sweet and good-natured. Many people told me number two would be easier, and they're right! She rarely cries and sleeps 11 hrs at night now - we're so thankful! Here are some pictures to update you all on the last two months.