Thursday, April 30

(It doesn't look like this child has a mother, does it??)

The Ten Commandments

Last night after Adrianna and I finished reading the story of Moses, I asked her if she could name one of the Ten Commandments. She replied, "Don't waste energy." :)
Disclaimer: This video is not very exciting! But I've been amused with how Adrianna and Natalie get the giggles at each other already - typical girls. :)

Saturday, April 18

Bedtime Habits

I'm not sure how or why Adrianna learned to love her naps and bedtime, but she does. And I'm not complaining. She usually plays in her bed for about an hour and a half before her nap each afternoon. And unless she's exhausted, she usually plays for up to 2 hrs at night too. I'm waiting for the day when she says, "Enough of this!" and starts throwing fits at bedtime. But until then, we enjoy listening to her read to her animals and sing songs.

The first picture is how I found her the other day after her nap (not sure how the crate ended up in her bed!). And the next one was late the other night. :)

{Of course I couldn't leave Natalie out of this post - she loves her crib too.}

Thursday, April 16

A few funnies . . .

*With Easter coming up, I tried to explain to Adrianna about what Christ did for us in very simple terms. All week I'd tell her that on Sunday morning we'd say, "He is risen!" On Saturday night she was getting into bed and I said again, "Adrianna, what do we say tomorrow morning?" She yelled loudly, "He is ruined!"

*We were reading the story of the crucifixion out of AJ's little Bible. She pointed to the picture of Jesus and said, "Mom, why isn't he wearing a shirt?" I told her how men were hurting him very badly. She responded with, "That Jesus is just SO funny sometimes!" (What on earth??)

*The other day before lunch, Adrianna was having an emotional meltdown for some unknown reason. I finally put her in her booster seat for lunch, and she calmly said, "I'm really sorry, Mom. It's just been a really long day."

Easter Sunday

Neither my camera nor my girls were cooperating during this photo shoot. This is the best we could come up with. But I'm sure these pictures are the ones we'll crack up at years down the road. :)