Saturday, April 26

"Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints."

It was a week ago last night that my sweet Grandma Helland went home to be with Jesus. It's been a full week of traveling to MN, meeting many distant relatives, and attending her funeral. Though there is sadness because we will miss her, I can't help but be so happy for her. She has struggled with health problems for as long as I can remember. In spite of them all, she never complained but always maintained the sweetest attitude. She always made us the best cinnamon rolls when we'd visit, even though her fingers were horribly bent with arthritis. She just adored Adrianna and any time she could spend with her. In fact, during the last few visits she actually got down on the floor to play with her, despite the fact that she couldn't get back up without much help. The thing I will remember most about Grandma is how much she loved me and cared about every small detail of my life. She cared about the unimportant parts of my day, like how many diapers I'd changed or how often I'd played the piano that week. It makes me so sad to think that Adrianna will not remember her. But I have plenty of stories to tell her someday. :) I love imagining her now - singing with the angels, enjoying her straight back and long beautiful fingers. And I can't wait to see her someday.

Tuesday, April 1

Baby #2 on the way!

The word is out, and Baby Birkholz #2 is due around Oct. 15th. We're excited and thankful that everything seems to be going well so far. I'm 12 wks along and anxious to start my second trimester. Overall it's been a good pregnancy. I felt a little more nauseous this time around than I did with Adrianna, but I was still able to function and do the day-to-day things. We have lots to be thankful for.

Little Artist

Drawing is Adrianna's latest entertainment. As you can see, we haven't mastered the art of holding a pencil yet, so she holds it her own special way. :)