Tuesday, September 22

Another funny . . .

Okay, I couldn't resist another one:

Today during lunch I was faithfully practicing Adrianna's Cubbie's verse with her for tomorrow night. It is "While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us." I read the whole paragraph about it, and we said the verse atleast 10x together. When I could see that she had it well, I told her to say it by herself. She closed her eyes in concentration and quoted, "Cinderella, dressed in yellow, went upstairs to kiss her fellow."

Tuesday, September 15

Funny moment . . .

Today I opened a door not knowing that Adrianna's toes were right under it. I felt awful and kept saying how sorry I was, even going so far as to kiss her toes. She took it like a champ and sweetly said, "That's okay, Mommy. Maybe sometime I could hurt your foot too." I'm so glad she understands complete forgiveness. :)

Tuesday, September 8

Happy Birthday, Natalie!!

One year ago today our sweet Natalie was born. This year has gone faster than any other year of my life, and I look back and wonder where it all went. Natalie has been our little angel, always sweet and happy. Her smile fills any room we're in, and I can't imagine what life was like before we had her in our little family. We love her to pieces!!!!!

We celebrated on Labor Day since my parents were able to visit. Natalie enjoyed the whole event, mostly her cake. And Adrianna enjoyed "helping" her little sister with all the challenges of being the birthday girl, like blowing out the candles and opening her presents. :)