Tuesday, January 29

A little brag on my husband . . .

Today was one of those days . . . Adrianna has a cold, I have a cold, and we're BOTH a little out of sorts. After a long afternoon of wiping a snotty nose, listening to whining, and picking up the same things over and over again, I began to feel a little down in the dumps. Leave it to my sweet husband to brighten my day. He brought home a dozen beautiful roses, and in each rose was a little note, each one telling me something he loved about me. He had no idea how "yuk" my day was, and his sweet gesture was VERY much appreciated. (As you can see, Adrianna enjoyed my flowers too). :-)

Adrianna in the kitchen

Thursday, January 24

Winter Wonderland

It's such a beautiful morning! We got another 6 or 7 inches of snow in the night, and this was the view from our house this morning. AJ and I were able to go out and play in it the other day. Yes, she does have a snowsuit, but on this day I decided we would just walk around so she wouldn't need to wear it. As you can see, I was wrong. She insisted on crawling on the shoveled driveway - what a goober. So now we're surrounded with well over a foot of snow! Fun!

Tuesday, January 22

Snow Day!

We woke up to about a foot of snow on the ground this morning. It was so beautiful! (But I'm not the one who had to shovel it) Of course Nate didn't get to enjoy a snow day at home, but AJ and I are. We wish he could spend it with us!

Monday, January 21

Random Photos

This is Adrianna's "serious" face. She and I see who can go the longest without smiling - I usually win. :-)

After church

My brother Philip and his girlfriend Alissa came to stay with us for a few days

Wednesday, January 2

Our Mini Family Vacation

We decided that it would be fun to get away over the two-day holiday. So Sunday night after church we hit the road for Grand Rapids. My ever-thrifty husband won a great bid on Priceline for a two-night stay at the Hilton. Yes, we took Adrianna, so it was not a second-honeymoon by any means. But we made do and had a blast. We took AJ to the zoo for the first time - yes, it was freezing, but since it was free and nearly empty of people, we didn't care. Adrianna especially enjoyed the tiger and the monkeys. She did great sleeping in the same room with us, and she was in bed each night by 7:30. We put an extra-loud fan in front of her pac 'n play so she couldn't hear the tv. :-) Here are a few pictures of our time together! (The bottom one is of AJ eating a meal on a small table - we forgot the high chair tray!)

Tuesday, January 1

Christmas in Michigan

This year we spent our first family Christmas alone in our new home. We missed family, but it was fun to enjoy Adrianna's first real Christmas. We opened presents on Christmas Eve and then enjoyed a nice quiet Christmas Day. Adrianna loved opening all the presents. I think she expects to open something everyday now. Here are just a few pictures of our time together!

Someone looks excited for Christmas!

Adrianna saying goodnight to Elmo!

After opening presents, Nate dragged Adrianna on a blanket throughout the house. Here she is waving hello to me!

Adrianna looks quite pleased with her new Elmo chair. :-)

Her new Mr. Potato Head glasses don't quite fit.

After Adrianna went to bed, Nate and I grilled steaks and had our own QUIET Christmas Eve dinner. Then we opened our presents.

Nate helping AJ with her stocking.

She looks pleased with her stocking stuffers!

Our Christmas Picture