Tuesday, September 25

Say "thank you!"

Last night Nate and I were cleaning up the kitchen, and Adrianna walked up to me and handed me her favorite tupperware bowl and lid (that means I must put the lid on the tupperware for her). So I put the lid on, handed it back to her, and she walked away and said thank you. Now her words were more like "Gake goo," but to her Mom it was as clear as a bell. I asked Nate if he heard it, and he did too! So for the next few minutes I ran around doing things for her, and each time she'd walk away and say "gake goo." Oh the things a mother does for thrills!!! :-)

Tuesday, September 11

An Update

We're getting our home back to normal after a crazy weekend. On Tuesday night Adrianna woke up screaming in the middle of the night, so we both went in, held her in the dark, and she calmed down right away and happily went right back down to sleep. Only in the morning when we got her out of bed did we realize that she had thrown-up in the night, and we had laid her back down in it! i still have this horrible picture of our little girl sweetly lying back down in her crib as we walk out of the room, probably wondering why on earth we would do that to her! Horrible parents!!!!!! Anyways, she was great by the next day. Then I got the stomach flu on Friday morning, so my sweet husband stayed home with me and played Mr. Mom. I could hardly get out of bed to walk to the bathroom, let alone run after my fast little girl. So having him there was SUCH a huge help. He did my grocery shopping, kept my supplied with popsicles and 7-Up (must-haves when I'm sick), sprayed everything in the house (including me at times) with Lysol, and even scrubbed the floors. What a man! We're all back to normal now and ready for a full week!

Here are some pictures of Adrianna helping Nate with the yard work!!

Tuesday, September 4

Pictures from the weekend

Weekend with Philip

My younger brother, Philip, came to visit us over the weekend. He and Adrianna became instant buds, and she followed him around constantly, always wanting to play. He left last night and let's just say that she misses the attention. We went to the beach, went swimming, and just hung around. It was great to have him here. And yes, he's available, Ladies. :-)