Wednesday, February 27

And winter goes on . . .

I'm not counting on anything the groundhog says because we still have tons of snow. And it is snowing as I speak. I did hear a few birds outside this morning, and that gives me some hope. We are all craving spring, especially me and AJ. She has enjoyed getting to play in the snow once in awhile. And as you can see in the picture, she wears her boots around often just in case Mommy lets her go out. She has also become quite the connoisseure with taking out the trash. Trash day is quite exciting, and she enjoys carrying around the bag of dirty diapers - how gross. We're hoping this eagerness will last into her teenage years.

Monday, February 18

We're back . . .

We're back after a long week! Our church sent Nate and I down to Lafayette, IN to attend the NANC conference this last week. We dropped Adrianna off at my parents' house (they live in Indy) on our way. It was my first time away from Adrianna for more than a night, so I wondered how it would go. But everything went very well. AJ LOVED being with Grandpa and Grandma for the week - she didn't cry for us once. And I did well too, although I was very ready to see her again. Now we're home and "re-training" Adrianna (no offense, Mom and Dad!). :-) We were VERY thankful to know that she was in good hands. And Nate and I were able to spend lots of time together at the conference, going out to eat every night and visiting with old friends. It was a valuable experience!

Despite what these pictures say, Adrianna does not run around with spaghetti sauce on her face ALL the time. :-)

I'm not sure why the Mr. Potato Head box is on her head.

Playing before bedtime

After lasagna night!!!

Adrianna wearing Nate's hat